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What is the Blenko Registry?

Blenko Gass Company Advertisement from 1957

Blenko Glass Company Advertisement from 1952

Blenko loves Blenko glass advertisement 1961

Blenko Factory Blowers Postcard

The Blenko Registry(TM), managed by the Blenko Museum, records the authenticity and ownership of important Historic Period Blenko designs.

Why Use the Blenko Registy?

The Blenko Registry is designed to assist collectors and dealers with authentication and to establish a provenance. Provenance is the recorded history of ownership of an item and is a primary device for establishing authenticity and value.

The market for Historic Period Blenko is still young, as a market matures provenance becomes increasingly important to values, particularly when values become significant enough for reproduction and forgery to be viable. Many glass markets have become destabilized or deminished due to forgery, for instance Galle and Tiffany. As forgeries become increasingly difficult to distinguish from originals, a recorded provenance protects values.

The Blenko Museum established the Registry with the inventorying of our own collection and several important private collections. The Blenko Registry currently documents over 3500 items.

This original endeavor reflects the Blenko Museum's reputation as both the first and most scholarly organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Blenko glass.

How the Blenko Registry Works

Email or mail us a photo of your item(s) - see submission guidelines below - and we will respond to you with a unique serial number authenticating your Historic Period Blenko design.

When selling or insuring your documented item you may provide this number to the interested party for verification of authenticity. Information is otherwise kept confidential and released only at the request of the current owner.

Submission Guidelines:

Do not send more than one image of an item.
Format images as jpg documents.

•  Only Historic Period (1947-74) designs qualify.

•  Due to resource limitations, some of the approximately 1,400 original Historic Period designs are not eligible, for example: drinking glasses, cast designs, ashtrays and most items in production more than 5 years.

•  If submitting multiple items, begin by emailing us group photos or a list of design numbers.

•  Final registration requires one photograph of each item against a solid background (preferably white or a light color) and well lit (daylight is best), please do not backlight or underlight.

•  Supply the dimensions of each item: height from base to tallest point, width or diameter, and if applicable the length. Measurements should be accurate to within 1/4 of an inch.

•  Include the following information: presence of labels and/or signatures, describe all damage (scratches, chips, cracks, etc).

•  Provide the full name of the owner(s), mailing address and phone number.

•  Note that registry request emails are reviewed only once monthly

•  email to:

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